More efficient use of water resources results in lower operating costs, more reliable supplies and improved quality

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Elementale Enterprises, Inc can assist in providing Quench Innovations’ Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) technology as an alternate source of water in areas where there is scarce or no supply at all.

The impacts of climate change and global population growth will only increase the pressures on freshwater supplies.

Increased demand will lead to higher water costs, public scrutiny of water stewardship, and greater business risk associated with water supply. Ultimately, all of these will impact competitiveness and the bottom line for both Industrial and Commercial Companies. 

Companies that begin actively managing and reducing their water use now will be better prepared to face these growing challenges in the future.  
Water scarcity and the ability to reuse /recycle water are two fundamental concerns impacting our society today.

How does an AWG Work?

Quench’s AwG’s innovative, technological, and patented design uniquely extracts humidity and harvests it into pure water from the atmosphere. The cleaner the entering air, the easier it is for our AwGs to filter it to clean water, so it uses an air filter as the first stage of filtration. The stored water’s treatment is with the nature-like purifying element of ozone. When there is a call for this ozonated water, it is pumped next through the series of purifying water filters and finally through the ultraviolet light to remove and eliminate any microorganisms and bacterial contaminant that may have survived the ozone. The water entering your glass or pitcher is the best tasting, purified water you can imagine. Just wait until you can experience the pleasant sensation of brushing your teeth with AwG water.

These incredible water generators, depending on the cost of electricity, produces a gallon of water at a cost range of about 6–15¢ per gallon. AwGs can also be powered by an alternative electrical supply like solar, wind or Diesel.

By using the AwG’s, you can realize the following:
  • Cost Savings due to Water Conservation
  • The ability to provide both drinking water and/or irrigation water to those who need it most
  • No Need to spend countless money on added piping infrastructures
  • The ability to manage and store source water and use it as needed “on-demand”
  • Minimize usage of plastic bottles
  • Can control the minerals in your self-supplied water for critical use

Using Quench Innovations technology, Elemental Enterprises, Inc will properly design/size, deliver, install and maintain the AWGs to allow a continuous supply of critical water for personnel and production use. 

Applications include:
    • Industrial
    • Medical
    • Residential
    • Military
    • Agricultural

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