Anti-Corrosion Treatment



By offering environmentally friendly, high performance anti-corrosion solutions to various industries – we will help provide your plant processes and products a longer life with better production throughput and quality.

Anti-Corrosion Treatment

Elementale Enterprises Inc, the expert engineering and manufacturing of Industrial Process Systems for sustainable process solutions helps the marketplace become more sustainable and hence competitive. 

Whether the sustainable goals are energy reduction, waste recycling, water conservation or use of renewable feedstocks, ELEMENTALE’s designs ensure, that your Industrial systems are built with the end user in mind. 

Our goal with these products is to help protect your assets - iron, steel, aluminum, and concrete encased metals - from naturally occurring weathering and from exposure to chemicals.

Our treatment solutions are unique in that they penetrate INTO the substrate providing a strong protection against the formation or spread of rust.


Concrete Permeating Solution (CP)

This revolutionary product helps extend the life of concrete as well as help in proper restoration of spalling concrete. CP pulls itself into the concrete (as much as 6”), neutralizes chlorides and acids, bringing the salts to the surface to stop corrosion.

Concrete Water Barrier (WB)

Maxon-WB (Water Barrier) is the ability to provide a durable non-skid water resistant product that still allows the substrate to breath. is a liquefied resin silica. It can be used after other permeating products and cures as a water proofing, non-skid agent.

It will not change the look of the coated substrate after drying, nor be affected by freeze thaw cycles, and will prevent efflorescence on concrete substrates.

Hardening/Water-Proofing (HW)

Cement to Metal Bond (C2M)

Corrosion Retardant Solution (CRS)

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