Online measurement of gas


Online Measurement of Y-Grade Gas

SCS Probe Closed Installation with Technician


As specified trace moisture levels have become more stringent, there is a growing demand for more sensitive analytical methods. Although analyzer designs have improved over the years, 

the sampling systems have been the limiting 

factor in realizing the full measurement potential of the analytical devices.


Elementale’s engineering team was able to propose our proprietary design sample probe/vaporizer sampling system specifically created for Y-Grade applications. This allows for increased vaporization performance, low volume, and simple modifications, which reduce the possibility of phase change on complex C5+ mixtures.

Due to the trace measurement required and lower limits permissible, very special attention was necessary to swept volume, surface treatments 

and dead space in the system together while improving the method of physical sampling in 

the immersion media.

Our proprietary design can be used with any Process Analytical Device to easily and cost effectively enhance the measurement of the analytical device.


The system has been in operation for more than 12 months. During the excessive cold front that came over the South Texas area in 2021, this system was the only system on this process that stayed properly heated and fully operational. This has given the customer confidence in the measurements.

The customer will be equipping all their pumping stations with this solution within the next 12 months.

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