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FutureEarth Staff Member • Apr 21, 2020


Sign up here to register and participate in the Earth Day 2020 and COVID-19 Webinar. If you cannot access the sign up sheet or have any questions, then please contact us on

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated around the world on April 22, to demonstrate support for environmental protection and represents a day of action to shift human behaviour and provoke policy changes. The very first celebration took place in 1970, and by now it grew to a staggering global event with celebrations in more than 193 countries involving over a billion people.

Given the urgency of the shared challenge we are facing on Earth, the main objective of this webinar would be to present the link between environmental issues and the current health crisis (COVID-19). The emphasis would be on two main drivers: i) rapid urbanization and ii) loss of biodiversity and ecosystems, as well as the consequences: hotspots of zoonotic diseases. The conversation will address how population density, population size, and airline connections explain the rapid spread of COVID-19, and will also touch on the ways the global response is providing evidence that coordinated environmental interventions (such as climate or pollution mitigation efforts) can be effective. Moving forward with the reality of a world in which COVID-19 plays a central role, we will focus on cities and how mapping vulnerable populations can be instrumental for decision making.



By Department of Energy 14 May, 2022
Biden Administration Announces $3.16 Billion from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law to Boost Domestic Battery Manufacturing and Supply Chains
Beaumont Chamber of Commerce industry expo draws large crowds


By 12 News Power City 31 Mar, 2022
Some say our region was able to survive and even thrive thanks to the industrial jobs that have been here for decades.
Water Footprint Calculator


By 21 Apr, 2020
This free, online tool includes your tap water use and the “virtual water” used to produce your food, electricity, gas and home goods.
COVID-19 Energy Sector Response Efforts and Frequently Asked Questions


By Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response 16 Apr, 2020
FAQs about the effects of COVID-19 on the energy sector and energy essential workers.
Department of Energy to Provide $18 Million for Research on Critical Materials


By Department of Energy 14 Apr, 2020
Today, DOE announced plans to provide up to $18 million for basic research aimed at helping to ensure the availability of rare earth elements
DOE Announces Crude Oil Storage Contracts to Help Alleviate U.S. Oil Industry Storage Crunch


By Department of Energy 14 Apr, 2020
DOE today announced it is negotiating contract awards with nine U.S. companies for the purpose of storing their U.S. produced crude oil.
U.S. Department of Energy Announces Education Awards for the Next Generation of Nuclear Scientists a


By Office of Nuclear Energy 14 Apr, 2020
Today, DOE announced plans to provide up to $18 million for basic research aimed at helping to ensure the availability of rare earth elements
Secretary Brouillette Applauds Historic Deal


By Department of Energy 12 Apr, 2020
Secretary Brouillette applauds historic deal ending price war that has caused unprecedented uncertainty in global oil markets.
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